Architectural Engineering + Technology

The research carrried out by the Department of Architectural Engineering + Technology seeks for resilience, innovation and sustainability at various scales within the design of buildings and the built environment. The strength of the programme lies in an interdisciplinary approach and direct interaction between a broad range of expertise domains represented within the research programme.

Resilience, innovation and sustainability are focal points within the research programme. More specifically, the research programme is seeking resilience, innovation and sustainability at a variety of scales, ranging from the building product scale, via the façade and structural assembly, to the overall building physical, indoor environment and climate design of buildings and the built environment.

This is addressed through an integrated approach across the six expertise fields that are represented within the research programme, which are Climate & Resources, Comfort & Health, Facades & The Making, Structures & Materials, Computational Performance and Heritage & Architecture. By combining the core competences that are embedded within these expertise domains and through direct collaboration with the market, progressive research results are obtained on a variety of research themes, such as energy transition, climate adaptation, health and comfort of occupants, new material applications, heritage, circular design, intelligent skins and additive manufacturing and many others as indicated in the figure below. 

Societal/scientific quality and relevance of the research

The research is closely linked to societal issues in the field of sustainable development, climate adaptation and the ageing of the population. All these with the user of the building in focus and in direct interaction with the existing technology and technological innovations. Many of its research projects are initiated with parties from the public and commercial market and serve both scientific development in new areas and dissemination in the built environment or building industry. This is facilitated through a solid foundation of financial, material and human resources. 

The research programme has strong links with the market, public and private. In fact, the results are adopted by stakeholders outside the university, such as in the design, engineering, planning  and manufacturing sectors. Also, the results are actively communicated to the general public and published in high level scientific publications.

The future

The competencies of the Architectural Engineering + Technology department and the department’s research themes are specialist areas that are under continuous development and enhancement. The research themes are subject to particular attention because of their societal and market urgency.

More about this programme

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