The research carried out by the Department of Architecture distinguishes itself by the focus on architecture as an expanded cultural field of expertise; a discursive field in which making and thinking, design and research, history and theory are inextricably, yet complexly, linked. The research program addresses contemporary architectural production as a projective moment in which cultural, social, functional, philosophical, economic and ecological factors are articulated as a concrete spatial and material configuration.

The program consists of 10 research lines, each of which is formulated as an agenda for architecture. Each of these research agendas instigate a certain meticulosity in terms of position, methodologies, relevancy and sense of urgency in relation to the current state of affairs in contemporary architecture. The structure of the research program departs from a particular idea of architectural expertise, acknowledging that architecture, as a cultural field of action and reflection, is multilayered, entailing many discursive relations to other disciplinary fields while simultaneously addressing societal and scientific questions. 

The 10 research lines of the Department of Architecture are: Architectural Pedagogies; Architecture and the City; Architecture, Culture and Modernity; Borders & Territories; Design Research; Digital Culture; Ecologies of Architecture; Global Housing; History; Situated Architecture.

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