Knowledge Centers

Center for People and Buildings (CfPB)

The Center for People and Buildings (CfPB) is a knowledge centre with a focus on the relationship between humans, their work and their working environment. The CfPB collects, develops and catalogues knowledge on all manner of housing issues.

Core activities

  • Identify and call attention to knowledge requirements.
  • Initiate, supervise and conduct academic research towards generic knowledge development.
  • Disseminate knowledge through publications, lectures, workshops, conferences, developing instruments and benchmarking.

Center for People and Buildings

Comparative Housing research Expertise Centre (CHEC)

The Comparative Housing research Expertise Centre (CHEC) is an expertise centre for international comparative research into housing. The expertise centre provides information on inspiring housing solutions that have been developed abroad and participates in national and international research projects. The expertise centre collaborates closely with foreign research groups, mostly under the auspices of the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR).

Comparative Housing research Expertise Centre

Expertise Centre Housing Values

The Expertise Centre Housing Values conducts academic research into the development of housing values. The Expertise Centre publishes a quarterly Housing Market Monitor with information on the development of borrowing capacity, mortgages, transactions, price developments and new build projects. The monitor draws on practically all the data that is currently available on the housing market and translates this knowledge into solutions for various social and policy issues related to housing values.

Expertise Centre Housing Values

Geo-Database Management Center (GDMC)

The Geo-Database Management Center (GDMC) is a research and development centre for modelling, storing, selecting, analysing, presenting and disseminating geo-information. The research focuses on the theme of geo-database management systems (geo-DBMS). The centre uses an open research model to which the software industry contributes in order to stay up to date with the latest developments in IT as well as anticipate new developments.

Geo-Database Management Center

Knowledge Centre Geoinformation Governance

The Knowledge Centre Geoinformation Governance  is where the academic and practical worlds join forces to do research on institutional, legal and organisational aspects of sharing and (re)using geographical information. The Knowledge Centre focuses on the governance of geo-data; how current institutional, legal and organisational barriers may best be overcome; and which frameworks should be developed to optimise the sharing of geo-data by the government, the scientific community, the business and the public in the Netherlands.

Knowledge Centre Geoinformation Governance

Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (SKG)

Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling (SKG) was an initiative of the Ministry of VROM (now the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and a number of market parties professionally active in the field of urban area development. These parties offer financial support and expertise to TU Delft's Chair of Urban Area Development. The SGK wants to contribute to the aims of:

  • Proper commissioning by government and market parties.
  • Building bridges between the relevant disciplines, sectors, markets and government departments.
  • Improving the quality awareness, market orientation and pace of the projects.
  • Optimising the preconditions, among others in legislation and education programmes.
  • Learning from projects in professional practice.

Stichting Kennis Gebiedsontwikkeling