Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Insitute) is a scientific institute located in Amsterdam. In this institute science, education, government, business partners and societal organisations are working tightly together to create solutions for the complex challenges a metropolitan region like Amsterdam is facing. The main activities of AMS Institute are related to research, data platform and education.

Together with Wageningen University and MIT, TU Delft forms the academic heart of the AMS initiative. We work closely together with AMS in various research and educational projects.

The city of Amsterdam is the initiator and supporter of AMS Institute. The city and partners share urban data and Amsterdam allows the researchers to use their city as a living lab and testbed. The public and private partners are amongst others TNO, Amsterdam Smart City, The Waag Society, City of Boston, KPN, Accenture, Alliander, Cisco, ESA, IBM, Shell, AEB, Deltares, the Port of Amsterdam and Waternet.

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AMS Institute has three ways to support academic research projects:

Research projects focus on the development of new scientifically sound solutions for grand urban challenges and problems. Projects aim at understanding urban problems in a better way, and researching new principles, technologies, models or concepts to solve these. Research projects are likely to be funded by research funding organisations such as the EU or national funding organisations in cooperation with private and public partners.

Living lab projects focus on the scientifically based testing, demonstrating and improving of new technological or ecological solutions/principles on small scales but in a real-world setting. This should involve the main user(s), and can even involve many users/citizens to co-evaluate and co-create solutions (living labs). The city is being used as a real-life laboratory.

Stimulus projects are small projects to quickly assess the feasibility of a new solution direction, concept or approach. Financial stimulus by AMS Institute can be given when the idea and the consortium are promising.

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