Dr. P. (Pirouz) Nourian

Dr. P. (Pirouz) Nourian



Funded Research & Development Projects:

  • EquiCity Game, Digital Serious Gaming for Participatory City Planning, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (The Hague, Zuid Holland), NWA Idea Generator, ABV06G, (2020/10-2021/10)
  • GoDesign Game, A Participatory Generative Design Game for Spatial Design, Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap (The Hague, Zuid Holland), Ontwerpkracht, AUT03G, (2019/05-2021/05)
  • DynaBox, Digital Design, KVWS (Rijssen), Contract (2019/04-2019/10)
  • SpectraLearning, Shape Recognition, Arup BV (Amsterdam), Contract (2017/10-2018/10)
  • PanoramaMesh, Procedural 3D Modelling, Cylomeida BV (Zaltbommel), Contract (14/07-14/09)
Digital Design and Procedural Modelling Tools:
  • topoGenesis: an open-source python package that provides topological structures and functions for Generative Systems and Sciences 
  • VectoRelax: a Vectorized Dynamic Relaxation algorithm for Shape Optimization and Graph Embedding 
  • SYNTACTIC: A computational tool suite for analysing/designing architectural configurations
  • CONFIGURBANIST: A computational tool suite for analysing/designing urban configurations 
  • RASTERWORKS: a computational library of methods for voxel and 3D raster model  
  • TOIDAR: Educational Toys for 3D reconstruction using LiDAR point clouds 


Pirouz Nourian is an assistant professor of design informatics and founder of Genesis Lab researching and developing mathematical-computational generative design methods.


Pirouz Nourian is specialized in computational design methodology and digital design technology development. He develops new methods in computational geometry, topology, graph-theory, and numerical-scientific computing for generative design in architecture and [generative] simulation models for built environment analyses. He is actively researching the application of methods for spatial optimization (shape, topology, and network) in architecture. He has developed several computational tool-suites, most well-known among which are Space Syntax and Cheetah for Grasshopper 3D. Pirouz teaches mathematics and programming (Algorithms, Data Models, C#, Python) within MSc Architecture, MSc Building Technology and MSc Geomatics programs. He has a PhD in Design Informatics, an MSc in Architecture, and a BSc in Electrical Engineering with a major in Control Engineering. He is an architect with three years professional experience (2007-2010), a carpenter, and a research software engineer.  Valorisation: 
Pirouz guarantees to get the job done if he commits to a project and promises to keep bureaucracy to a minimum level (necessary & sufficient). Pirouz is specialized in formulating complex problems mathematically and solving complex problems involving graph-theory, topology, and geometry. Do not hesitate to contact if you are interested in developing digital solutions for such problems.

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