Former salt empire Solotvyno is located in western Ukraine. Today, the area suffers from the effects of salt extraction: an unstable subsurface resulting in massive sinkholes that threaten the life of the community. Two researchers from Delft University of Technology participated in a consortium to develop a disaster risk reduction plan together with the community. With the aim of giving the population a voice and building on a safer future. This short documentary provides insight into the process.

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Connor McMullen

Camera & editing

Gijs Walstra

Drone footage

Kenny Meesters

TU Delft Researchers

Kenny Meesters
Abby Onencan


Victoria Andyusk
Natalia Kadenko

Made possible by

Funding from the Directorate‑General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO)

With special thanks to the people of Zakarpattia