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This page was last altered on December 28th, 2021.

This privacy statement is applicable to all serves provided by SUPAIR Intermediars (Chamber of Commerce no. 27303697), forthwith ‘SUPAIR’.

SUPAIR respects the privacy of everyone who shares their personal data with us. We take utmost care to ensure that the personal details you provide us with remain confidential. Through this document, we inform you about what we do with your data when you share it with us, why we save this data if need be and which services we provide you with using your data. This way, you will be aware of how SUPAIR works.

Your privacy

  • We only register data provided by you.
  • We do not receive or register data supplied by third parties.
  • We do not share your data with third parties without your consent.
  • We do not collect or register data regarding your online behaviour. The SUPAIR website is part of the TU Delft’s website. We do not use any of the TU Delft’s trackers or cookies.

SUPAIR’s services
SUPAIR helps engineers to find a job that is suited to them. To this end, we help candidates by providing:

1. Advice
For instance; by checking resumes on request. SUPAIR is a registered sponsor, and can also help you with questions regarding the IND (Immigration services).

2. Guidance
We offer guidance for our candidates throughout the entire application process; from the intake interview, presenting the candidate’s resume and motivation (if necessary) to our clients, and up to the moment the candidate starts at client’s. Even after candidate has entered employment at client’s, SUPAIR keeps in touch with candidates and offers guidance if necessary.

3. Job mediation
SUPAIR offer job mediation for candidates and clients. During an intake interview, we discuss the candidate’s resume. We also cover the candidate’s personal situation, as well as their wishes and demands regarding a job.

4. Newsletter
We aim to inform candidates about (new) vacancies and other relevant news through our newsletter.

Personal data and its usage
Data as supplied by you will not be used towards any purposes, save those mentioned in this privacy statement, unless we have acquired your consent beforehand.

When registering through our registration form, intending SUPAIR to help you find a job suited to you, we ask you to supply us with the following data:

  • Name, address and place of residence
  • Email address and phone number
    You will receive our newsletter by email. You may be contacted by phone or email regarding an appointment for an intake interview, or regarding suitable vacancies.
  • Marital status and whether or not you hold a driver’s licens
    We take your personal situation into account when looking for a suitable job for you.
  • Nationality and, for candidates outside of the EU, the validity of your residence permit
    Not all of SUPAIR’s clients are able to hire candidates from outside of the EU. SUPAIR provides advice and guidance for both candidates and clients regarding IND-related matters.
  • Education, work experience and other work experience
    With this information, we can better supply you with vacancies that have a direct relation to your education or prior experience.
  • Language and computer skills
    May be of interest to clients and be mentioned as a job requirement.
  • Hobbies, interests, activities and courses
    Here, you can indicate what experience you acquired outside of education or work.

Registering at SUPAIR
Upon registering at SUPAIR through the registration form, you sign up for our services. Your registration is confirmed upon sending the filled out registration. You will receive confirmation of your registration through an email, which will also contain an overview of the data provided by you. 

You may stop filling out the registration form at any time prior to sending, without any data being sent to SUPAIR. 

Storage of your personal data
Your registration will be kept on the servers of LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. for four weeks after registering. During this period, both SUPAIR and yourself can download and view your registration. After this period, your registration will be deleted from the LeaseWeb servers. Neither SUPAIR nor yourself will have access to this data from that moment on. 

SUPAIR receives your registration through an email. All our emails are kept on the secure servers of the TU Delft.Your registration is saved as a resume in a docx-file on the secure servers of the TU Delft.
SUPAIR files your data in our own database, Filemaker. The Filemaker server is hosted on a secure Virtual Server of the TU Delft.
Access to SUPAIR’s email, files and database is secured through the NETID-system of the TU Delft. 

We have taken appropriate security measures to prevent abuse of our registration form and the personal data entrusted to us.

We have taken the following measures

  • Physically - our offices, cabinets and drawers are not freely accessible.
  • Administratively - our process guidelines dictate where and how data is stored.
  • Organisation-wise - SUPAIR employs a Functionary of Data Protection, who ensures all SUPAIR employees act in accordance with this privacy statement.
  • Technically  - Access to computers, network disks and the database itself is secured by the TU Delft and can only be accessed with the proper NETID. Our registration form is SLL certified.

Should your data become accessible to third parties that act on behalf of SUPAIR (see ‘Access to your data’), sufficient protection of your data has been agreed upon beforehand.
Access to your data
All of SUPAIR’s employees are obliged to maintain strict confidentiality regarding your data. Your data will not be shared with third parties without your permission.

SUPAIR cooperates with the following external parties, who have access to your data:

  • The programmers of our registration form, who can access your data on the servers of LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. Upon SUPAIR’s request, they may access you registration for purposes of viewing it, correcting it and/or deleting it.
  • Should you enter employment or secondment at SUPAIR, your data will be shared with our accountant.

Data retention
Personal data will not be retained longer than necessary.
SUPAIR will keep your data for a maximum of 24 months after registration, after which your data will be deleted from our systems.
We adhere to this period of retention, because we wish to get to know our candidates to the best of our abilities and keep helping them to look for a suitable job. In addition, candidates will have the option of reactivating their registration within 24 months after registering, should they wish to make use of SUPAIR’s services again.
SUPAIR newsletter
From the moment of your registration, you will receive the SUPAIR newsletter. It is also possible, by direct request or through Facebook, to be registered for the newsletter without any obligations to register at SUPAIR directly.
For our newsletter, we use online tool Mailchimp ( Every newsletter contains a possibility to have your data adjusted or removed, and a possibility to unsubscribe (opt-out).
If you sent us an email, it is possible that we keep that email. We may ask you for personal details that are relevant for the situation at hand, which allows us to accurately deal with your questions and requests. All emails are stored on the secure Exchange servers of the TU Delft.
Third parties
Only after your consent will your resume be send to one of SUPAIR’s clients. The resumes we offer to clients are anonymised to the extent that we will only mention your first name, place of residence, date and place of birth, marital status, nationality, and, if applicable, the validity of your residence permit.
Right to inspection, rectification, data portability and the right to be forgotten
You retain the right to inspection, rectification or removal of all your personal information as stored by SUPAIR at any given time. You also retain the right to have your data transferred to you, upon which you will receive your personal data on file in a docx or pdf file.
Any such requests may be expressed through email. SUPAIR will adhere to such a request within four weeks and inform the candidate accordingly. Should such a request be well-founded, SUPAIR will not charge any fee.
Duty to report data leaks
Upon the discovery of a leak in the data, as far as such a leak applies to data received by SUPAIR, SUPAIR will make a report of the leak at the Meldloket Datalekken (Report Desk Data Leaks) of the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority).
Depending on the location of the leak, SUPAIR will inform every third party we work with accordingly. SUPAIR will also notify all candidates whose data was leaked.
We do not use cookies and do not collect and/or process any data regarding your online behaviour. The SUPAIR website is part of the TU Delft’s website. SUPAIR does not use any of the TU Delft’s cookies or trackers.
Candidates retain the right to file a formal complaint at the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Authority) regarding SUPAIR’s use and processing of their supplied data.
This privacy statement is tailored to the services as supplied by SUPAIR. Any changes and/or modifications to our services may lead to changes in this privacy statement. We advise to regularly check this statement for updates.
Questions and feedback
We regularly check whether we are still compliant with our privacy statement. Should you have any questions to this regard, we kindly ask you to contact us directly.
Contact details
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2629 HD Delft
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