Before you can use Vocareum in a Brightspace course, you must contact Teaching-support@tudelft.nl for access.This applies even if you used Vocareum in the previous academic year.

Vocareum offers a cloud-based platform for hosting and deploying Jupyter Notebook, a platform for Python programming in an educational context, and is suitable for multiple users. Key capabilities of the platform include grading automation, plagiarism detection, providing feedback on code, team projects, and peer reviews.

Students will always enter assignments through Brightspace, so installing a separate application is unnecessary.

Vocareum is meant for educational purposes only. TU Delft only has a license for Jupyter Notebook; other lab types are not available for use.

TU Delft only has a license for Jupyter Notebooks; other lab types are not available for use.

Summative testing

  • There is no live support for our time zone.
  • Vocareum cannot be used in a secured environment in the exam halls at the TU Delft.

Get started with Vocareum

Class settings

You can set attributes associated with the course in the Settings menu on the navigation bar.

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For support, please contact Teaching-support@tudelft.nl.