Möbius is a web-based system for creating exams, tests, quizzes and assignments. It automatically assesses student responses.

Until the beginning of 2023, Möbius was commonly used as an assessment tool at TU Delft. However, Ans won the digital assessment tender and is now TU Delfts’ assessment platform for the coming years. The Ans project team has been working on migrating question types from Möbius to the Ans platform. Some question types have been copied manually. For specific Möbius question types and functionalities, options are being investigated. 

We advise you to use Ans for your assessments, wherever possible, so that together we can ensure a smooth migration to our new assessment platform.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or visit our Ans webpage. For more information, please also visit the Intranet page for the Ans implementation.

Möbius can be used for summative testing (exams) and for formative testing (exercises):