TU Delft | The Hague

TU Delft has set to develop a university-wide perspective on strategic cooperation with The Hague’s stakeholders, in the context of The Hague as the national centre of governance and international city of peace and justice. Many of our 21st century’s societal challenges, such as climate adaptation and energy transition, depend on technological innovations. As an integral part of its societal impact strategy, TU Delft brings state-of-the-art engineering knowledge closer to the world of politicians, advisors, policy makers making and executive agents in The Hague. The objective of this effort is to contribute to better understanding, better policy making and better implementation.

TU Delft | The Hague strategic programme entails building stronger network connections, developing (applied) research and education programmes, and creating a stronger presence and visibility of TU Delfts activities in The Hague.
The team encourages involvement of all TU Delft faculties, in order to achieve optimal matches between stakeholder needs and researchers’ expertise and interests. Intensified cooperation with our partners in higher education is also explored.
TU Delft’s contribution will focus on responsible development of technology and responsible innovation, in which values play a pivotal role.   

To facilitate this, it is our ambition to work towards a strong presence and a growing campus in The Hague, that will be thriving and inspiring place for our students, researchers and practitioners to study, to meet and to exchange knowledge. Our master Engineering & Policy Analysis (EPA) serves as a best practice that have led to many initiatives for joint research projects, guest lectures, thesis projects and seminars. In addition, it provides a stepping stone to create and further develop strategic cooperation with stakeholders in The Hague, in inspiring directions.


Behnam Taebi

Professor of Energy & Climate Ethics

Cynthia Liem

Associate Professor, Intelligent Systems

Haiko van der Voort

Programme Director MSc Engineering and Policy Analysis

Marcel van der Klaauw

Programme coordinator TU Delft | The Hague

Jing Chu

Office Manager, TU Delft | The Hague

Lilian Hellemons

Office Manager, MSc EPA, TU Delft | The Hague