Safety & Security in a Transport Sector on the Move

News - 09 November 2023

How do you keep transportation safe despite, or perhaps with, increasing automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) usage? How do you balance safety against the need to shift focus to sustainability? What new engineering approaches are needed to deal with the rapid developments in the transportation sector? We asked Rob Goverde (rail), René Alderliesten (aviation) and Joost de Winter (road) to reflect on the challenges and opportunities in their respective fields. And what can different transport modes learn from each other? With that question in mind, we end with Eleonora Papadimitriou, who looks at all transport modes by fusing concepts and methods from various disciplines, for example, engineering, ethics, human factors, safety science, statistical modelling, data science, and health. What new insights does this approach bring?


It is hardly responsible to let a human drive among pedestrians and cyclists without the latest automation systems


Innovations targeting carbon neutral aviation will take more than three decades if we don’t change how we certify the safety of materials and structures


Railway transport is the most sustainable and safest mode of transport


The justice of AI usage in transport safety is a key challenge to be addressed