The Comenius grants of 2023 have been awarded!

Three TU Delft lecturers received Teaching Fellowship grants for innovative projects in higher education. Congratulations to our lecturers on their Comenius awards!

Laura Cipriani from the faculty Architecture and the Built Environment received the grant for the project "Climate Change as a Game. (Co)designing with children the landscape of the future."  Students will engage children in co-designing the future landscape through material and role-playing games, this innovative project aims to educate and inspire younger generations to actively address the challenges posed by climate change.

Ianus Keller (IDE)

Ianius Keller from the faculty Industrial Design Engineering aims to broaden creative perspectives with the project "Understanding Design as a Remix: using an interactive collaborative layer on an exhibition to take off creative blinders. " The project will provide design students and visitors of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering with a unique opportunity to connect their ideas and associations with objects from our historical collection.

Cees Haringa from the faculty Applied Sciences focuses on educating engineers for the digital workspace in "More than just Modelling and Programming: educating engineers that excel in a digital workspace and society." This project aims to develop a novel approach to monitoring and evaluating individual student progress, with the goal of enabling engineers to excel and take a leadership role in an increasingly digitized work environment.