Electricity Market Simulation Game

11 maart 2021 10:00 t/m 11:00 - Locatie: Online - Door: Eveline Zeegers | Zet in mijn agenda

Online game by dr. Laurens de Vries, Associate Professor at TPM
Hosted by the PowerWeb Institute
Date: March 2, 2021 from 11.00-12.00

We would like to invite you to participate in the Electricity Market Simulation Game that has been developed at the TPM Faculty. The game is used in education here at TUD as well as at other universities and in professional trainings. In this game, small teams take on the role of power companies. Starting with a set of ageing power plants, you need to sell their output in the electricity market in order to make money, which you need to invest in new power plants. A period of two to three decades is simulated, so you will experience the challenge of making the right investment decisions.

The game is played online and is operated by dr. De Vries of TPM. The game is played in rounds; each round, you need to submit your bids to the market and indicate (dis)investment decisions. After dr. De Vries moves the game to the next round, you will see on your game website how much power you sold and how much money you earned. In between rounds, time stands still. We will play 2-3 rounds per week and therefore let the game run for 10-12 weeks. The aim is to start in the first week of March.

If you would like to participate in this game, please send a mail to Eveline Zeegers. Teams will be 3-4 people; if you would like to sign up as a team, that is fine; otherwise, Eveline will place you in a team.

Click on the video where Laurens de Vries; Associate Professor at TPM, explains thee game.

We do hope you feel enthusiastic and want to participate! Let us know if you have any questions.

The TU Delft PowerWeb Institute Team