Lecture: System integration at TNO - selected topics

15 april 2021 16:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Zoom - Door: PowerWeb | Zet in mijn agenda

By Michel Emde - Principal Business Consultant at TNO and Program Manager at Topsector Energie
Date: Wednesday 15 April 2021
Moderator: professor Peter Palensky

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In this presentation TNO will present and overview of their work on the system integration and in particular on system operations. Two topics will be discussed in more detail: modelling the design of the multi-commodity energy system and modelling availability of flexibility in time and place.

Michel Emde is a business consultant at TNO and a program manager at Topsector Energy System Integration. Michel has a background in applied research in ICT. Since The last four years he has aimed his work at the broader spectrum of topics around energy system integration. He is particularly interested in operational challenges in the future energy system – how to keep the energy system up-and-running in a cost-effective and acceptable way.