Workshop: Let’s play Cards for Biosafety

16 juli 2021 13:49 | Zet in mijn agenda

By Simon Tiemersma
13.30 – 14.30 lab 2

In this workshop we will play a few short sessions of the serious game ‘Cards for Biosafety’, a card game about risks and measures in biotechnology. It is originally meant for starting researchers in biotech and it has as goal to teach awareness in safety in biotech lab projects. Guided by a facilitator, you will get random cards to match with biotech scenarios and you have to choose fitting risks and measures. Players will vote for the best ones based on argumentation and discussion. The game will lead to some unexpected and fun combinations of cards and argumentations, so we are sure you’ll have a good time while learning something about safety. The game is made by the TU Delft/TPM Gamelab for the research project TTRIPP, which has as goal to improve collaboration about risk and safety of biotechnology research between policy makers and researchers.

Facilitators: The Gamelab Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management:

  • Simon Tiemersma is game designer and team leader of the TU Delft Gamelab and has helped develop the concept of Cards for Biosafety.
  • Maria Freese is a TPM researcher on the TTRIPP project and has helped develop Cards for Biosafety as well.
  • Doris Boschma is game developer at the TU Delft Gamelab and has helped to visualize and print the game.