Workshop: Telling stories to decision makers

16 juli 2021 13:49 | Zet in mijn agenda

By Jonathan Talbott
13.30 14.30 hrs

Politicians tell constituent stories. Executives use case studies. Marketers talk about customer stories. On the other hand, engineers like to talk about data. Then they’re surprised when politicians, executives and marketers don’t listen.

The social scientist Brené Brown suggests that “Stories are just data with a soul.”

As you prepare to create and influence the policies that are going to affect the coming generations, let’s take an hour to think about one of our most fundamental communication tools and to learn how you can tell stories better.

Stories are how we remember things, stories are how we share knowledge, and stories are how we persuade decision makers.

Let’s use them to help you do your jobs even better.

Jonathan Talbott has coached more than 250 TEDx talks. He lectures on presentations at TU Delft and is adjunct faculty at Webster University Campus Leiden, where he teaches interpersonal communications and public speaking. Further, as the communications trainer for the WorldStartup platform, he helps innovators to tell stories that influence change.