Intersectional Feminist Philosophy of Technology Series: Abeba Birhane on relational and decolonial ethics for AI

08 december 2022 15:00 t/m 16:30 - Locatie: The events will be hybrid and we will announce their offline location, at TBM, shortly | Zet in mijn agenda

As an extension of TPM’s Intersectional Feminist Philosophy of Technology (IFPT) reading group, we will host a 3-part speaking series to bring the language, concepts and methods of intersectional studies of technology to TPM’s AI research. We adopt the definition of “intersectional feminism” described by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein in Data Feminism: “[…] a feminism that is intersectional, meaning it looks at issues of social power related not just to gender, but also to race, class, ability, sexuality, immigrant status, and more. It does so, moreover, by looking to collectives as well as individuals, to structural issues as well as specific instances of injustice.”

The series aims to help attendees incorporate intersectional research and teaching methods into their own work. And spark collaborations across the faculty.  Each 1.5-hour session will begin with a presentation from an invited speaker, where they will also discussion the benefits and challenges of intersectional work, followed by a workshopping period. We will ask the speaker to share a short reading of their work before the event, so that attendees come with questions in mind (though this is not required). Attendees of all academic levels are welcome. The series is funded by TBM’s AI Labs.