OpenFOAM Course 30 June, 2023

30 juni 2023 09:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Penguinlab 2e etage, gebouw 36 (EWI), Mekelweg 4, Delft | Zet in mijn agenda

Introduction to using OpenFOAM for CFD analysis

This course aims at MSc/PhD students and industry staff members who like to get familiar with OpenFOAM for fluid dynamics applications. The course is intended for beginners with no previous experience in OpenFOAM, however, the following entry-level skills are expected:

  • Basic fluid mechanics concepts (e.g. Navier–Stokes equations, Reynolds and Mach numbers,    boundary layer, turbulent flows)
  • Basic knowledge of CFD (e.g. finite volume method, discretization error, stability, convergence)
  • Basic knowledge of Linux terminal

Study goals:

  • Generate unstructured and multi-block structured meshes using Gmsh (open source)
  • Set up and run basic CFD simulations using OpenFOAM
  • Visualize results using Paraview (open source)
  • To get an overview of the available solvers in OpenFOAM for different application fields
  • Adjust existing tutorials of advanced solvers for their own flow cases