Fairly Toolset Workshop

22 maart 2023 13:30 t/m 17:30 - Locatie: X TU Delft, Mekelweg 8, Building 37 | Zet in mijn agenda

A hands-on training on a new open-source toolset to integrate computational research environments and data repositories across disciplines.

The toolset is relevant for researchers at all levels, data stewards, RSEs, data managers, and practically anyone who develops or manages research data and data repositories. The main target group of this event is the TU Delft community. But the invitation is open to research and support staff (specially DCC staff) from all universities in The Netherlands. During the workshop, we will present the toolset, train participants on how to use it to make research outputs FAIR, and collect feedback for improvement and further development.

This event is sponsored by the Open Science Program and the Open Science Community of TU Delft via the Mainstreaming Open Science Fund. And co-organized by TU Delft Digital Competence Centre & Center of Expertise in Big Geodata Science, University of Twente.