Open Science: Sharing Your Research with the World

25 oktober 2023 12:00 t/m 06 december 2023 12:00 | Zet in mijn agenda

Explore ways to apply Open Science principles to academic work - including your own. Learn how to share your research effectively and responsibly, building greater visibility and impact.

You can become a more visible, effective and impactful researcher by sharing your research data and publications openly. In this introductory course, you will learn the objectives, main concepts, and benefits of Open Science principles along with practices for Open Data management and Open Data sharing.

Research increasingly relies on code, which is developed to process, model and simulate as well as to deal with the ever growing volume of research data. This course will therefore also introduce FAIR software practices that are essential for the reproducibility of your research results.

Societal participation in research is becoming ever more important. The course will demonstrate what citizen science is about, how to stimulate citizens to participate in your research and how to handle (new) responsibilities when implementing citizen science.

You will learn to establish links between publications, data, software and methods, how to attach a persistent identifier and metadata to your results, and methods for clarifying usage rights. You will also discover ways to apply these principles to your daily research and adapt existing routines. Finally, you will uncover potential barriers to sharing research and discuss possible solutions.