Unlock Your Potential - January

22 januari 2024 09:00 t/m 13:00 | Zet in mijn agenda

From Overwhelmed to Over the Moon! How to Unlock Your Potential in Your New Home Country

You were looking forward to an international move but this transition is exhausting. When we think about a fulfilling professional and personal life, it’s common to dream of a bright future. Checking on your current situation and the challenges you're facing is essential. This training will allow you to explore what gives you fulfilment and what sounds heavy in your current situation. Furthermore, you will reflect on your work and life skills and how you can adapt these to the opportunities and challenges of life so that you can thrive with purpose in your new home country. 

Tea, coffee and delicious snacks are provided.

You will:

  • Understand where you are standing right now
  • Define your ideal work environment so that you can blossom
  • Identify your motivation, values, ‘transferable’ skills, strengths and interests
  • Pinpoint the ingredients of your success
  • Explore career options that you didn’t envisage before
  • Define your target – job/ career profile
  • Determine what is important in your career, and your professional identity
  • Identify your fears and beliefs that might prevent you from moving forward
  • Position yourself with more impact to secure your success
  • Plan your roadmap with concrete actions and practical implementations
  • Get support on how to handle change and develop a growth mindset

By better understanding what you are good at and what you want to do, you will be more confident, energised and motivated.


Partners of TU Delft employees who want to:
- enter the job market after a break or relocation to the Netherlands
- know where to start or how to move forward

Delivery Style

  • Two onsite sessions
  • Support via email/WhatsApp by a trainer between two sessions
  • A customized workbook to use throughout the training programme
  • An interactive training that requires your proactive participation


This training consists of a series of 2 sessions, scheduled on:

  • Monday, 22 January 09:00 – 13:00
  • Monday, 05 February 09:00  – 13:00

Please reserve these dates in your agenda and reserve extra time to work on the exercises before/during the training programme (by yourself and/or with your buddy). 


TU Delft Campus


As all of our training sessions are taught entirely in English, participants must demonstrate a good command of the English language, both spoken and written (comparable with Cambridge level B2). 


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We have 8 spots available. The registration form will be closed after 8 registrations.
The deadline of the registration is 17 January, 2024, 23:59.