SHErobots Opening Event

12 februari 2024 16:00 t/m 18:30 - Locatie: TU Delft Library, Main Hall | Zet in mijn agenda

Join DEWIS and the TU Delft Library in welcoming robotics researchers from Australia to continue to celebrate International Women and Girls of Science Day (February 11) with the SHErobots: Ecologies of Care exhibition and programme opening—which will feature a live robot in the library!

In addition to the performance, there will be a small discussion panel with the visiting curators, Lian Loke and Dagmar Reinhardt from the Universitiy of Sydney and Deborah Turnbull Tillman from the University of New South Wales. We invite you to join us afterwards to enjoy some drinks and snacks (free!) and the opportunity to take informal tours with exhibition curators.


Title: Code_red: Repeat After Me
Performers: Lian Loke (Sydney, Australia) and Kuka Iiwa robot

I often wished for a third arm, to make my life easier. Getting up in the morning, grooming and getting ready for the day… surely more efficient with the help of a robotic arm. But I forgot about the training! Using improvised performance as a research methodology, I enquire into future worlds, where humans and robots live with, learn from, and adapt to each other. Raising questions as to who is becoming-human, or indeed, who or what is becoming-robot.

Lian Loke portret ― Lian Loke

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