Tamim Abdelaal

I am a post-doctoral researcher in the imaging genetics section at the Department of Radiology of Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). I am currently working on methods to study cellular differentiation in the spatial context of the tissue, as well as comparative analysis of different spatial transcriptomics protocols studying their ability to accurately map the spatial distributions of cortical cell types in the mouse brain.

I've conducted my PhD studies at the Delft Bioinformatics Lab, Faculty of Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science at the TU Delft. My research was focused on developing computational methods to improve the data analysis of various single-cell technologies such as mass cytometry, scRNA-seq and spatial transcriptomics. During my PhD, I've worked jointly between the Delft Bioinformatics Lab and the Leiden Computation Biology Center (LCBC) at the LUMC, and had many collaborations with the Department of Immunohematology and Blood Transfusion at the LUMC. In 2018, I spent two months at the Department of Clinical Science at the University of Bergen, Norway, working on analysis of different single-cell dissociation methods for mass cytometry panel designed to study ovarian cancer. I completed my undergraduate studies on Systems and Biomedical Engineering at Cairo University, Egypt in 2011 and I received my M.Sc. degree from the same department in 2015.