Mathijs de Weerdt

I am an Associate Professor on Multi-Party Optimization and group chair of the Algorithmics Group of the TU Delft, Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EWI), Department of Software and Computer Technology.

I am working on algorithms and mechanisms for optimization problems that involve multiple parties. This includes (dynamic) mechanism design with algorithms for planning and scheduling (under uncertainty). For example, moving towards sustainable energy, the production costs of electricity become dependent upon the weather. Users planning electricity-consuming activities have individual objectives that are different from those of electricity generators and network operators. As a society we are interested in a pricing scheme for electricity with an equilibrium for electricity consumption and production that optimizes the social welfare. The design of such a mechanism is an example of mechanism design in a dynamic setting involving planning and scheduling of activities.

In my research, I contribute to two important practical problem domains: that of energy, realized by a strong cooperation in the context of Smart Grids with the department of Electrical Sustainable Energy, and that of transportation, building upon the considerable expertise and contacts in our research group.

Mathijs de Weerdt is an associate professor at the Delft University of Technology. Mathijs's PhD thesis has been completed in 2003, and he received the prestigious VENI grant from NWO to support his research into coordinated planning from 2005 to 2008.  Mathijs is (co-)promotor of in total 12 PhD students of which 6 have completed their PhD thesis.

Honors, grants as main applicant, and awards

  • 2019. RVO Urban Energy: Flex-DC
  • 2018  ICT.Open poster prize
  • 2016  Erasmus Energy Forum Science Award
  • 2016  NWO-URSES+: Future-proof Charging 
  • 2016  NWO ESI-pose: Flexibility in Industry
  • 2015  Best teacher award in Computer Science (Delft)
  • 2014  NWO-URSES: Gaming beyond the copper plate
  • 2011  Honorable mention ICAPS best paper
  • 2009  Basic-NGI: Dynamic contracting in infrastructures
  • 2004  NWO/STW-VENI national personal grant
  • 1998  Master's cum laude


Ongoing Projects

  • Promotor of Pim van den Bogaerdt in a project with NS/Nedtrain
  • Co-promotor of HE Lei, a PhD student shared with National University of Defense Technology to coordinate and schedule multiple agile autonomous satellites in a constellation (two years in Delft on a CSC scholarship 2017-2019)
  • Promotor of Grigory Neustroev in the NWO FlexI project (2017-2021)
  • Promotor of Anna Stawska on Maximizing the added value of energy flexibility together with Priogen (2017-2021)
  • Promotor of Longjian Piao in the EU DCSMART project (2016-2020)
  • Project leader of the NWO URSES+ Future-Proof Flexible Charging project involving one post-doc position (German Morales, later Natalia Romero) and a programmer (Koos van der Linden) (2017-2019)

Former Projects and PhD Students

Project without PhD students: Routing of electrical vehicles

I did a study when visiting Southampton for about 10 weeks. Among other things, this resulted in a journal publication on routing and en-route charging of electrical vehicles. See this fun video on Minimising Queues at Electric Vehicle Charging Stations produced by Sebastian Stein about our research. He also published our dataset.

In 2017 (April-May) I was a visiting scholar at Duke University with Vincent Conitzer.

Below are all publications by Mathijs de Weerdt listed in the TU Delft repository (Pure). The website with publications of Mathijs de Weerdt at Google Scholar additionally contains an up-to-date citation count and h-index.

Bachelor courses

Master courses

  • Advanced Algorithms (responsible teacher)
  • Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making (CS4210-A) (co-teacher)
  • Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making Project (CS4210-B) (co-teacher)
  • Coordinator of (pilot with) the Bachelor Research Project


 Mathijs de Weerdt was teacher of the year of Computer Science Delft in 2015.

Talks and tutorials

Mathijs de Weerdt

Dr. M.M. de Weerdt

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