Are you planning a study abroad? Or are you participating in a challenging research project abroad? Find out here if your activity is eligible for funding.


Apply at least two weeks before departure of your trip.

Steps for Study and Research application

Step 1: Review the requirements and walk through the flow chart to see if you are eligible for a FAST fund (Also take a close look at the exceptions that apply for certain fields of study and getting other funds).

Step 2: Create an account on the FAST portal.

Step 3: Fill out the application form. (If you can't figure it out with your application you can find a sample application, Click here ). If you don't succeed with this, please send an email to

Step 4: Attach the required signed letters to the application. (To read the requirements for the signed letter, Click here ).

Step 5: Upload the application.

Step 6: Turn in your final report after the activity. This can be done through the portal of FAST.

Not sure if the concerned university is a partner university of TU Delft?

Check it here

Average grade of 8 or higher? You might also want to check this:

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