Are you planning to participate in a competition related to technology and social impact? Or will you present your own research at a conference? Check the below flowchart if your activity is eligible for funding.

Why do I need a financial contribution from my faculty?

We ask for a financial contribution from your faculty to ensure sufficient quality or importance of your project. The amount of faculty contribution is used as a means of measuring the relevance of your project according to experts from your own field of work. Therefore, we match our contribution with the financial contribution you receive from your faculty (up to a maximum amount of 250 pp within Europe and 500 pp outside Europe*).

How do I find out whether I am eligible for receiving a financial contribution from my faculty?

To find out whether you are eligible for receiving a financial contribution from your faculty, please consult the TU Delft staff or your research group involved in your project. If you do not know who to consult, please contact the Executive Grant Committee member of your faculty.

The Executive Grant Committee members

BK: Prof. V.H. Gruis
TPM: Drs.J.K. Dekker
AE: ir. J.A. Melkert
AS (builing 58, programmes LST, MST+ChmeE and NB): ir. P.L.J.Swinkels
AS (building 22, programmes TN+AP and SEC) dr. C.W.Hagen
CEG-CT: M.C.M. Bakker
CEG-TA: dr. M.E. Donselaar
IDE: prof.dr. P. Vink
EEMCS: A. Smets
3mE: B.J. Boersma