Substantial implementation of fluctuating energy sources like solar and wind energy requires facilities for long-term, large-scale storage of power. The Large Scale Energy Storage section aims tocon tribute to solving this problem by targeting its research and educational activities in three directions that can enable energy storage. The first is the electrocatalytic conversion of water, CO 2and N 2 with renewable electricity into bulk chemicals that preferentially fit in our existing energy infrastructure; substituting natural gas and fossil fuel based liquid fuels with high energy densities. In this line of research the coupling with CO 2 produced by biomass gasification is foreseen. The second line of research concerns the further electrification of the process industry, by coupling hydrogen produced via electrolysis with conventional chemical processes such as the Sabatier reaction. The third line of research is directed towards energy storage via the coupling of biomass/waste with renewable energy sources based on the creation of a synthesis gas platform realized by smart integration of novel biomass/waste gasifiers.