Nanomaterials and nano-scale textures provide the opportunity for breakthrough innovations. Nanomaterials include particles, tubes and rods, as well as layers.  The 2D nanomaterial graphene, for instance, has extreme mechanical properties which can be used for creating small footprint, extremely sensitive mechanical sensors. Nanoparticles have extreme surface area over volume ratio, which is beneficial to chemistry-based processes in sensing or catalysis. Many of the opportunities of nanomaterials are currently explored in research laboratories, focusing on fundamental understanding of matter and phenomena.

This program aims to make the next step towards the application of nanomaterials, and explores concepts of sensors with extreme sensitivities. Also, the opportunities of nano-functionalised surfaces, e.g. for water purification are studied. Fundamental studies on nanomaterial synthesis and their properties from an application perspective are part of the program as well.

Programme Projects