Computer Architecture

Focusses on computer architectures for embedded processors and high-performance computers

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Supercomputing for Big Data, Quantitative Performance Evaluation for Computing Systems, System Design with HDLs, Modeling, Algorithms and Data Structures, Digital IC Design I, Modern Computer Architectures, Reconfigurable Computing Design, Quantum Computing Architecture and Electronics - Fundamentals and state-of-the-art, Digital IC Design II, Hardware Dependability, Hardware Architectures for Artificial Intelligence, Digital VLSI Systems on Chip, High Speed Digital Design for Embedded Systems, Embedded Computer Architecture 2


Focusses on software for embedded processors and high-performance computers.

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Supercomputing for Big Data, Security and Cryptography, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Compiler Construction, Advanced Algorithms, Quantitative Performance Evaluation for Computing Systems, Introduction to High Performance, Distributed Algorithms, Machine Learning 1, Software Architecture, Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making, Deep Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms, Smart Phone Sensing


Focusses on networks in embedded applications and high-performance computing.

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Networking, Ad-hoc Networks, Advanced Practical I.o.T. and Seminar, Quantitative Performance Evaluation for Computing Systems, High-performance data networking, Fundamentals of Wireless Communications, Quantum communication and cryptography, Performance Analysis, Measuring and Simulating the Internet, Wireless IoT and Local Area Networks, Network Security,Telecommunication Network Architectures, Mobile Networks, Networked & Distributed Control Systems, Telecom Business Architectures and Models, Smart Phone Sensing, Visible Light Communication & Sensing


Focusses on control systems for embedded applications.

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Control System Design, Control Theory, Optimization in Systems and Control, Statistical Signal Processing, Modelling of Dynamical Systems, Quantitative Performance Evaluation for Computing Systems, Filtering & Identification, Nonlinear Systems Theory, Control Engineering, Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control, Robust Control, Control Systems Lab, Intelligent Control Systems, Model Predictive Control, Networked & Distributed Control Systems, Modelling and Control of Hybrid Systems, Dynamic Programming & Stochastic Control