Welcome at TU Delft Guest Centre

TU Delft Guest Centre
At the TU Delft Guest Centre we aim to provide delegations visiting TU Delft with the most suitable service. We like to welcome you to our campus, where you can experience/explore our full range of high-quality disciplines, courses and unique facilities. TU Delft actively partners with peer universities, research institutions and government agencies across the globe and facilitates a wide variety of intellectual interaction and exchanges.

Ranking and Strategy
TU Delft is a university of technology with a leading global reputation. Its Strategic Framework provides guidelines for the myriad decisions, both big and small, that are taken in every part and level of the University.

Arrange your visit                                                                          
If you are interested in visiting TU Delft, we kindly ask you to fill in the request form.
Submit the completed request form within 6 weeks prior to the planned visit. We will do our best to take your wishes into account wherever possible.

Note! TU Delft Guest Centre does not organise campus tours. To book or get more information see below

Campus tours

  • Campus tours for prospective students – on campus

Campus tours are the easiest way to experience the TU Delft campus. Whichever tour you choose, you will learn more about life at TU Delft and our campus. The campus tour is also a good way to get more basic information about some of the courses in a short time.
If you want in-depth information about a specific study programme, we recommend that you participate in the open days or start a chat with one of our students.

Read more and register at: Campustours

  • TU Delft /backstage - Take a look behind the scenes

The TU Delft Campus comprises more than 40 buildings and in many one of them research is being conducted. Those research facilities are normally off limits to visitors, but TU Delft offers various guided tours that give you a look behind the scenes. If you are planning to visit the TU Delft campus on your own initiative, please click here to book one of these backstage tours.

Virtual Tours
You can also explore our campus through  our virtual campus tour.