Architecture and the Built Environment

Research Themes for Delft Technology Fellowship 2022-2023

Health and the built environment - Department of Urbanism

The department of Urbanism is inviting applications for the Delft Technology Fellowship in the field of Health and the built environment. We are looking for an expert on the relationships between human health and the built environment and the implications of these relationships for urban design and planning.

We are explicitly looking for candidates who have experience with a mixed methods approach, i.e., both behavioural research via emerging technologies (such as crowdsourcing and mobile data) and qualitative social scientific approaches. Experience in research focussing on multiple target groups and/or specific environments is an advantage (such as the elderly, children, perceived safety, urban parks). Due to the staff composition of the Department, we explicitly invite candidates who are currently at associate professor level (or who are ready for the next step in their career). This implies that in addition to a proven track record in research and education, there is also demonstrable experience in valorisation and leadership. It is important that candidates can also contribute to the theme of health across departments and within the wider university. Candidates should have experience in working transdisciplinary – during their PhD, as a post-doc and assistant professor – at the intersection of health & well-being, the built environment, specific user groups and urban design. Candidates with a non-European background are encouraged to apply as the department wants to diversify the geographical and cultural composition of our senior staff.
Possible fields of study include: environmental psychology, sociology, urban geography, urban design, landscape architecture and other spatially aware fields.