Saullo Giovani Pereira castro

I love to be part of the world vanguard in aerospace engineering. Everyone in our faculty is avid to make the world a better place and is trying their best to find how to do that. This attitude makes our faculty a very constructive working environment that I love.

My passion researching better structural designs and analysis methods is what drives me. I used to do this as a hobby before joining academia, while working in the aerospace industry.

I contribute to a better world in various ways:
In research by enabling safer and lighter structures that can be used in modern greener aircraft.
Being an inspiring leader to my managers, colleagues and research team, sowing the seeds to foster new good leaders, creating a positive cascade effect.
In education by preparing challenging, engaging and fun lectures that are appreciated by the students.

Why do people need to come work here? They need to feel this lively and constructive environment by themselves, to enter in a lecture room with hundreds of students avid to learn and to change the world.

What is special and interesting about working at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering/TU Delft that you find nowhere else? The challenge to find greener and multidisciplinary engineering solutions for the constantly growing demand to fly and explore. This is unique in our field and our faculty is an exemplary institution working on this challenge.