The TRUST-PV project is a four year project focused  on “increasing friendly integration of reliable solar photovoltaic (PV) plants considering different market segments.” In the TRUST-PV project, the PVMD group of TU Delft will mainly be responsible for the following research:

  1. Integrated yield and reliability modelling framework based on 4 levels of details (LoD) approach of the PVMD group
  2. Boosting shading tolerability and passive cooling concepts for PV modules to TRL7+
  3. Short and mid-term advanced PV system energy forecasting and fault detection by digital twining using artificial intelligence techniques
  4. Improving the reliability of floating PV systems and validating their operational behavior with respect to ground-mount PV systems.


  • Olindo Isabella, Associate Professor
  • Hesan Ziar, Assistant Professor
  • Alba Alcañiz Moya, PhD Researcher

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Research Line: Adapting Photovoltaics Technology