Real-time Feedback for an Improved Speed Skating Performance


Mechanics and human motor control are very useful areas of knowledge when you are working on innovations in skating. And to stand still is to regress, in skating as in other sports. TU Delft carries out research on training control (‘skating efficiency’) and optimising materials (‘the fast skate’). How?   By using a data bridge to which various shoes and blades can be attached. This data bridge records the energy transfer from the skater to the skate, in relation to the time and to the direction in which the skater is moving.

Partners: VU Amsterdam, Haagse Hogeschool, KNSB, Thialf, InnosportLab Thialf, Inmotio, CTO Amsterdam, TulipMed, OSports, Incas3, Sporter Online,Artinis, B-Cat.



07-02-2017 – Universiteit van Nederland: Hoe bepaal je voor elke schaatser zijn of haar ideale schaatsslag? [in Dutch]
08-02-2017 – Mini-docu about the production and design of the measurement skate
09-02-2017 – NPO2 TV Programm ‘De Kennis van nu’: about modelling and real-time feedback