Prof.dr. M.E. (Martijn) Warnier

Prof.dr. M.E. (Martijn) Warnier



Prof.dr. Martijn Warnier is full Professor of Complex System Design and head of the Multi-Actor Systems Department - Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management - Delft University of Technology. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from the Radboud University Nijmegen (2006). In his research prof. Warnier studies complex emergent behavior in and of socio-technical systems, specifically of power and ICT infrastructure and the combination thereof. He employs multi-paradigm simulation modeling to study system aspects, such as robustness, resilience, efficiency and reliability and designs adaptive interventions that use self-organization techniques to improve the performance of a socio-technical system on these and other aspects such as empowerment, security and privacy of end-users. He is (amongst others) a member of the Section Systems Engineering, the Powerweb initiative, the TU Delft Digital Ethics Centre, the research school SIKS, the IEEE and the ACM
A recording of prof. Warnier's inaugural lecture " Design for adaptation and emergence in complex systems" can be found here.
Prof. Warnier also has a personal website.

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