Student life

Study Associations


W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ (CH) is the study association for students of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Delft University of Technology. The goals of the CH are organising social activities and evaluate and improve education.


The Electrotechnische Vereeniging (ETV) is the study association for all Electrical Engineering students at the TU Delft. The goals of the ETV are organising social activities and evaluate and improve education.

Faculty Student Council

The FSC is a legal student body that is involved in decision making in the faculty. Depending on the matter, it could be that the FSC has right of consent or right of advice, giving us tools to go into discussion with the decision making bodies inside the faculty.

Delft S.E.A.

The Delft Sustainable Energy Assocation (Delft S.E.A) is the study association for the Master Sustainable Energy Technology (SET). By organizing activities, providing academic assistance and maintaining relations after graduation, Delft S.E.A. aims to support the students/alumni of SET.


The Micro-Electronic Systems & Technology Association (MEST) is an independent representative body of graduate students (MSc) and research scholars/employees (PhDs/Post-docs). The focus of MEST lies in the fields of Microelectronics, Micro- & Nano- Systems Technology, Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering.


The ‘Sterkstroomdispuut der Electrotechnische Vereeniging’ (SSD) is the student association for Master students pursuing Electrical Power Engineering. The SSD is proud to be one of the oldest student associations of TU Delft. It aims to supply students with a broad view of their field of studies: power systems, high voltage, power electronics and photovoltaics.

TU Delft Campus

Hidden Gems on campus

Find out some interesting places on campus you might not know (yet).

Sports, leisure and culture

X is the place on the campus for fun, sports, leisure and culture. It has an extensive offer, ranging from cultural courses, sports, events and projects to free use of a student kitchen and living room and initiating activities and / or programming yourself.

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Food & beverage on campus

The campus has a wide variety of food options. From the faculty canteens, the Food Station, the Hangout, Cafe Labs, SPAR Supermarket to Coffee Star. Check out the map for the locations on the campus. But what do international people think of the Dutch cuisine...?

Map & Directions

DUWO Student Housing

Looking for a student room? Maybe this could be an option for you.

Housing in The Hague

TU Delft can help you with ways to arrange accommodation. Read more for recommendations and watch the video for options in the city of The Hague.

Work & Career

Working while studying

If you are an international student and want to work alongside your studies in the Netherlands, there are some important things to keep in mind. Read all about it on the website of Nuffc. Nuffic is the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education.

#Ik Wil Weg

If you are Dutch and might want to study or do an internship abroad during your master's programme, find out what options and possibilities you have on the website WilWeg. Or vistit the EEMCS International & Internship Office.

Kojac - Student Developer Job Agency

Kojac is a job agency run for and by students from Delft. They are providing sidejobs for student developers who have some experience with frontend/backend development, data science, embedded systems, mobile apps or some other experience in the IT field. If you are looking for a nice job opportunity, they can probably help you!

Xtend - Job Agency

Xtend is a student job agency (Dutch website) based in Delft. It offers side jobs and projects for TU Delft students of almost all disciplines and programmes.

Career Centre

Check out TU Delft's Career Portal, the platform where students and companies can exclusively connect with each other, and find useful information like: Company profiles, Jobs and internship offers, Workshops, Talk&Toasts and much more.

The Netherlands

Start Your Journey

When you live outside of the Netherlands and have decided to leave your home and country behind, the journey to Delft begins. See the steps you can take; starting at home until your first day at our university.

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Surviving Delft

And when you finally arrive in Delft the next phase of your journey starts: surviving the Netherlands! This guide helps you to deal with Dutch cycling rules, find the best bars for students, use online TU Delft forms, suggests where to buy your groceries, provides first-aid and even defy the Dutch seasons.

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How to deal with the Dutch?

You are an EEMCS master student now and we have students from all over the world. Which means that there is a big chance that the person next to you in the lectures is not Dutch. So how do international people see Dutch culture and people? Watch this video and learn what your international fellow student is going through. And what can you expect from Dutch culture when you are an international student?

Flirting with the Dutch

Flirting with the Dutch


One of the most, if not THE most, important subject to talk about in the Netherlands is the weather. And there are dozens of different Dutch words to describe the weather. Fun fact: the rain inspired three students of the TU Delft and in 2006 they developed the Senz umbrella which is still available at the TU Delft shop in the Aula.

Going Dutch

The Dutch are famous for being 'zuinig'. There is even an English saying 'Going Dutch'. But the Dutch are proud of that. And that's why it is no suprise there is a typical Dutch app called 'Tikkie'. Using Tikkie, you can have friends pay you back quickly and easily over WhatsApp. Available for iOS and Android.


Need a bike?

No matter if you are a Dutch or an international student: you will need transportation. There are many ways to get a bike in Delft. But check out this special Student Introduction Week deal from Swapfiets.

Keep your phone in your pocket or risk a €95 fine

From Monday July 1st 2019, anyone using a handheld device while bicycling will risk a €95 fine as rules for cyclists are brought in line with other traffic users. Unless you want to sponsor the Dutch government, don’t forget to either get a bicycle phone mount or simply put your phone away when you’re cycling in the Netherlands!


Delft event calender

Whether you enjoy theatre, shopping, museum, dance, concerts or culinary workshops, there is always something to do in the city of Delft. Keep an eye on the event calender of Delft.

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Master Promotion Team

Help other students and get paid for it! Check out the job offer from our EEMCS Master Promotion Team.

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Delft Studentenstad

A Dutch website for and made by students. It addresses themes like living, working, studying, leisure, money matters, health.

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Learn a foreign language

Learning a language is fun and very useful. Most programmes allow a language as a free elective course. Ask your Master Coordinator for the specific requirements. The Centre for Languages and Academic Skills offers the education in communication skills and languages (e.g. Spanish or Dutch).


Try that to pronounce when you do not speak Dutch... Celebrating birthdays is an important tradtion all over the world. But every culture celebrates it in different ways. So next time you are invited by your fellow Mexican student from your project group, you know how to sing Las Mañanitas instead of Happy Birthday!