FeedbackFruits offers tools that enable you to make interactive content, give instant feedback to students both during and after lectures, and allows students to discuss and share course material. Developed by TU Delft students, this tool is ideal for engaging your students with the course content, making them actively involved in discussions and feedback. Feedbackfruits is integrated with Brightspace Grades and Brightspace Groups are synchronised into Feedbackfruits for ease of use.

How to add FeedbackFruits to your course

To use FeedbackFruits in your course:

  1. Go to the Content tab
  2. Click on Existing activities, FeedbackFruits 
  3. Then choose it from the list of tools available

Further instructions on how to link the needed tools to your course can be found on our Manage Content page.

When setting up your course, make sure to read the FeedbackFruits support website. They give detailed information on how to set up the tool and choices you need to make to properly set up the chosen tool. Take the following into account:

  • After changing users and groups in Brightspace, make sure to open the FeedbackFruits tool again, so groups can be synchronised properly.
  • Preferably, don’t make changes to groups that are in active Feedbackfruits assignments. If you do need to make changes, make sure the end result is what you intended, i.e. make sure to check the grades properly.
  • If you make changes to an assignment or to results, make sure the correct grades are published to Brightspace. Republish the grades after making changes in Brightspace.
  • The FeedbackFruits support page has many really good support articles. We advise you to check their site and read the articles about the tools you are setting up. Two specific articles you should not miss:
  • If you makes changes to your Brightspace groups, make sure to open FeedbackFruits and synchronize your groups with FeedbackFruits. It is advised to not change groups that are already used in active FBF assignments. If you do make changes, please make sure the end result (grading) is what you intended for it to be.
  • When you create a FeedbackFruits activity in Brightspace, but do not manually add a grade item within Brightspace, a separate grade item is created automatically the moment a Feedbackfruits grade is published to Brightspace.
  • If you make changes to grades in Feedbackfruits after you have published them to Brightspace, you will need to make sure that you publish the grades again.
  • Making changes to groups or grades after the deadline can really mess up the results. Make sure the automatic behaviour is what you want (changes after the deadline are not automatically passed on to Brightspace).

FeedbackFruits Tools

Which tool is most suitable for me?

FeedbackFruits created a decision tree to help you find the tool that best suits your needs.

FeedbackFruits provides a suite of several tools. Six of them are integrated in BrightSpace.