H5P (HTML5 Package) is a TU Delft Supported tool for educators and support staff. It enables them to enhance the effectiveness of online or blended learning by adding interactive and multimedia elements. 

H5P is available by default for all Brightspace courses.

Content types are the main features of H5P. Because of them, users can efficiently perform the following tasks:

  • Use branching scenarios, interactive videos, drag-and-drop activities, and image hotspots in your courses.
  • Create engaging and interactive learning experiences without requiring any coding skills.
  • Create and embed interactive learning materials.
  • Create self-paced learning materials or assessments.

Teaching Support has developed a guide to help you learn more about H5P's content types. You can find it below, along with relevant links and a few brief examples.

As of the 28 of April 2023, the Accordion content item is offered directly through Brightspace via the new Insert Element option. Because of this, we have decided to turn off the option to create new Accordion items in H5P on the 1 of June 2023.

This option can be found by going to a course > Upload/Create > Create a File. Within the content field of the file, you will be able to click the Other Insert Options menu. There you will see the option Insert Element. Once you’ve clicked Insert Element.

Access different content types

Available content types

The following subsections provide an overview of H5P's content types.