ASSESS focuses on assessment through exams, projects and assignments.  It can be a great tool for lecturers to guide student development in their fields when constructed and executed in a valid, reliable, transparent, effective and practical manner.

During this module, you will develop or improve an assessment for your course. You may work on an exam, a project or an assignment. 

The module consists of three parts:  

  1. First, at course level, you will map out the constructive alignment of all the assessments in your course.  
  2. Next, you will analyse your students’ results obtained during one of the course assessments. The data will enable you to identify points for improvement in the assessment, and in the course as a whole.  
  3. Finally, you will develop, or improve one of your course assessments and grading guide, and reflect on your assessment practice. 


Learning Objectives 

By the end of this course, you should be able to:  

  • LO1: Design an assessment plan for a course.  
  • LO2: Analyse assessment results to improve education in your course:  
    • LO2A: Investigate learning objective achievement.  
    • LO2B: Identify areas for improvement in assessment items, grade calculations, teaching and course material.  
  • LO3: Develop different types of assessments, including blueprints, instructions, grading guides and the grade calculation.  
  • LO4: Evaluate the quality of assessments, based on the quality requirements for assessment. 


Course design  

  • Blended learning (combining face-to-face instruction with online learning). 
  • Number of sessions: 3 
  • Study load: 40 hours (on average). ASSESS is an intensive UTQ module. Make sure to block sufficient time in your schedule when enrolling for this course. 
  • Assessment: participation in all sessions, peer feedback, proof of competence. 
  • Admissions requirements: Completed DEVELOP, teaching a course (now or within 6 months), have (own) assessment data/ figures/ numbers to bring to the module. 



To see dates, practicalities and to enrol, visit https://tudelfttls.opleidingsportaal.nl/courses/ASSESS   
If you have trouble logging in, please email Teaching-Support@tudelft.nl