DEVELOP is the foundational module in the UTQ and addresses the basic elements of educational design and development.

How do I make sure that my students will meet the learning objective of my course? How do I design lessons that will motivate the students? How can I make my course more inclusive? Questions such as these and others will be addressed during this module, which focuses on learning how to develop and stimulate active learning. This module will provide the basis of educational design on which you will build your UTQ trajectory.

Learning Objectives 

Designed as a blended learning module, by the end of the course you should be able to:

  • LO1: Explain how your course is embedded in the curriculum or degree program as a whole.
  • LO2: Design education based on the principles of Constructive Alignment.
  • LO3: Design active, effective and efficient learning methods and learning materials.
  • LO4: Design education with respect to the specific (curricular) characteristics and needs of the students.
  • LO5: Design education in a practically and logistically feasible (do-able) way.
  • LO6: Manage education and can collaborate in a teaching team.

Course design

  • Blended learning (combining face-to-face instruction with online learning)
  • Flipped classroom (preparing for class by learning the theory and completing tasks, then applying what you have learned during the live sessions).
  • Number of sessions: 3
  • Study load: 40 hours (on average)
  • Admissions requirements: There are no strict requirements for this module but you should be involved in teaching, delivering or designing a course. 


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