Impacting Future Delft Engineering Education: IDEE Takes Off!

Impacting Future Delft Engineering Education: IDEE Takes Off!  

On April 17th, the Innovation on Delft Engineering Education program started off with a first gathering. Approximately 60 enthusiastic scientific staff members from all faculties responded to the open call. Annoeskja Cabo, founder of the ground-breaking initiative, welcomed everyone and provided an introduction into IDEE.   

The goal of this afternoon was for members to get to know each other and to gain insight into the diverse interpretations of the challenges. So after the introduction, the group divided into the various theme groups. The currently prioritized themes are: 1) Students taking responsibility for their own learning process, 2) Retention of knowledge and skills and 3) Future engineering skills.  

Bringing together colleagues with unique perspectives and experiences, naturally resulted in a broad array of ideas on how to approach and define the challenge. The IDEE program deliberately provides ample space for scientific staff members to create and innovate. This necessitates intensive collaboration to harmonize their visions into one proposal. As one of the attendees observed: “We left a bit constructively confused, but confusion can lead to innovation.”  

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