TUnder - Learning Together

As a teacher, you never stop learning. One of the best ways to enhance your teaching is through connecting with other teachers.This is why TUnder is created.

TUnder is TU Delft’s programme for facilitating teacher-to-teacher growth. In Q4 of 2022-2023 we piloted this new initiative where lecturers across faculties are matched, observe each other’s teaching activity, reflect on their skills and learn together. It is an informal setting focused on your own challenges and experiences.  

Please learn more via this link! and register or find direct registration via this link!  

How pilot participants have experienced TUnder:

It brought me a new friend

It is inspiring to meet another teaching professional outside your own field and get a fresh view on your own challenges

the whole experience and fresh insights from my peer, helped me further develop my course

It is interesting to see a fellow lecturer in their inspirational/teaching space, it gives an example of you how you can develop as a lecturer

It inspired me to develop a new course for our Master programme