Education Team Event: Celebrating Collaborative Achievements

We're excited to reveal that the winner of the prestigious Education Team Award will be announced during the upcoming Education Team Event on September 28th. The announcement will be made by Annoesjka Cabo, director of the Teaching Academy. Mark your calendars and sign up to attend the Education Team Event. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the power of teamwork in academia and education. 

Many of our accomplishments in academia and education are the result of collective efforts. The Education Team Event is dedicated to shining a spotlight on these remarkable education teams and their innovative projects. It's a chance to share experiences, learn from one another, and expand your network across faculties. 

The Education Team Award was established to acknowledge and promote collaboration within teams for the betterment of education and innovation. Each faculty's Director of Education nominates one outstanding team for this prestigious award. Every year, TU Delft selects one team as the winner of the Education Team Award. This winning team will be granted €10,000 to invest in education innovation and further enhance their collaborative efforts. 

Here are the nominated teams for this year's Education Team Award: 

  • AS – Pre-University Chemistry MOOC Team
  • ARCH+BE - START (Syrian Turkish Architectural Recovery Team) 
  • CEG – MUDE (Modelling, Uncertainty, and Data for Engineers) 
  • EEMCS – CSE TT (Computer Science Engineering Teaching Team) 
  • TPM – Modelling Courses Team of the Bachelor of TBM 

All of these teams have demonstrated exceptional teamwork and innovation in education, and one of them will be honored as the 2023 Education Team Award winner.