​​The 4TU Centre for Engineering Education presents recommendations for Recognition and Reward of Teaching Excellence

To improve the recognition and rewards for teaching excellence within engineering education, the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education (4TU.CEE) has presented six recommendations. The recommendations are designed to bridge the gap between policy and practice, focusing on the appreciation and acknowledgment of teaching contributions. The following recommendations are based on findings of the Teaching Culture Survey (TCS) 2022 and the progress of the Sector Plan project "Teaching Quality and Teaching Careers: 

  1. Take Immediate Action 
    Start implementing changes now to elevate the status of teaching within academic institutions. 
  2. Empower Staff with Tools 
    Equip both individual staff members and their supervisors with effective tools to document and share their teaching achievements and evidence. 
  3. Continuous Training for Faculty Leadership 
    To ensure that Recognition & Rewards (R&R) policies are understood and followed, invest in ongoing training for faculty management teams, career development committees, section heads, and department chairs, with an emphasis on teaching and learning. 
  4. Celebrate Educational Role Models 
    Highlight those educators who have excelled in teaching. By showcasing their achievements and evidence, we can inspire others to follow in their footsteps. 
  5. Support Distinguished Educators 
    Recognize and support full professors who have made substantial contributions to teaching excellence. This acknowledgment can motivate others to prioritize teaching in their academic journeys. 
  6. Foster Integration of Teaching and Research 
    Promote the harmonious integration of teaching and research. Encourage faculty members to discover synergies between these two facets of academia, creating an environment where both are equally valued. 

While cultural shifts may take time, allocating time, space, and budgetary resources can accelerate progress. Executive Boards (CvBs) and deans are encouraged to invest in these actions to cultivate a more equitable and rewarding environment for teaching excellence in engineering education.