TU Delft Announces Faculty Educators of the Year 2023

The prestigious title of "Educator of the Year 2023" has been awarded to exceptional faculty members at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). These educators have demonstrated outstanding dedication to their students, innovative teaching methodologies, and a profound commitment to academic excellence.

The TU Delft Educator of the Year 2023 of the various faculties are as follows: 

Each of these esteemed educators has made significant contributions to their respective faculties and has had a lasting impact on the educational experience of TU Delft students. Their dedication, passion, and innovative teaching methods have set new standards for excellence in higher education. The winners were chosen based on their exceptional teaching skills, their ability to inspire and engage students, and their commitment to advancing knowledge in their fields. 

In recognition of their outstanding achievements, the recipients of the TU Delft Educator of the Year 2023 awards will be honored at a special ceremony to be held on the Education Day 2023, Thursday 9 November. This event will provide an opportunity for the TU Delft community to celebrate the remarkable contributions of these educators. 

TU Delft extends its heartfelt congratulations to Marjon Stijntjes, Paul Chan, Alessandro Bombelli, Greg Bokinsky, Hayo Hendrikse, Arno Smets, Caroline Kroon, and Maarten Kroesen on their well-deserved recognition as Faculty Educators of the Year 2023. Their dedication to education and their students serves as an inspiration to us all.