About Us

Mission statement

To create a safer and more secure society

Solving complex safety & security challenges needs transdisciplinary and integrated safety & security approaches. Our institute hosts a large variety of safety and security approaches to engineering, which are united within the institute. We seek collaborations with industry and governmental organizations in, amongst others, joint research, technology transfer, deployment of joint research projects and education initiatives. Together, we are committed to contributing to knowledge, practice and policy in the area of safety & security.


We see our societal responsibility in the following objectives:

1. Developing innovative and integrative scientific safety and security methodology and research approaches;
2. Strengthening the position of safety & security research in funding and innovation ecosystems through brokerage and lobbying;
3. Enhancing institutional, transdisciplinary and international collaboration and (knowledge) alliances in safety & security;
4. Enhancing and promoting safety & security aspects within the TU Delft curricula.

Network of 5 TU Delft Faculties

The Delft Safety & Security Institute is a collaboration of researchers from five Faculties of TU Delft: