New journal of Coastal and Hydraulic Structures

Nieuws - 10 oktober 2020 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

We are starting a new journal that focusses on the science of Coastal and Hydraulic structures. The journal focuses on the near-field processes related to the behaviour and functions of coastal and inland hydraulic structures. The journal is community-based and not-for-profit. So the peer-review process will not be rushed in order to quickly collect author processing charges, and no pay walls will be in place for anyone that wants to read about our research. The JCHS is completely open and completely free. Our international team of editors will uphold a high quality standard. A double-blind review process will be used.
The papers are hosted by the TU Delft OPEN publisher. This experienced publisher will oversee a professional use of the journal-management system, and will ensure a quick (retroactive) indexing in databases like AOJP, Scopus, and Google Scholar.
Everyone is invited to submit papers to our journal. The first volume will appear in 2021. Check out the website to learn about our exact scope, editorial policies, and formatting, and you can register to receive the journal’s recent papers email alerts.

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