IEEE UFFC-S Special Topic School on Waves and Transducers

Nieuws - 13 november 2023 - Communication ImPhys

Last October, the IEEE-UFFC-S special-topic school on Waves and Transducers took place at Delft University and chaired by Koen W.A. van Dongen from Delft University of Technology. The school was attended by 32 participants from academia and industry who all shared a common interest in ultrasound technology.

The group was a nice mixture of people with varying nationality (from Norway down to South Africa, and from Israel up to United Kingdom) and backgrounds (from physics to biomedical ultrasound, from theoreticians to experimentalists). The school was received extremely well! During the week, oral lectures were interchanged with practical assignments where students had to build their own transducer. Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the IEEE UFFC Society for their generous financial support.

Instructors: Prof. Sandy Cochran (University of Glasgow), Dr. Holly Lay (Acoustiic Inc), Prof. Christine Démoré (University of Toronto / Sunnybrook Research Institute), Prof. Omer Oralkan (North Carolina State University), Dr. Koen W.A. van Dongen (ImPhys, Delft University of Technology)