QphoX raises €8m to bring quantum modem technology to market, building towards the quantum internet

Nieuws - 17 januari 2024 - Communication TNW

Dutch quantum computing company QphoX has raised an €8 million funding round, the largest investment in a quantum company in the Netherlands to date, in a significant development for the country’s fast-growing quantum industry. 

The round was led by QDNL Participations. The EIC Fund, and existing investors Quantonation, Speedinvest, High-Tech Gründerfonds, and Delft Enterprises also participated. The significant investment from the EIC Fund follows the grant from the EIC Accelerator to drive the development of QphoX’s disruptive technology.

QphoX is developing the core hardware required to allow quantum computers to communicate over an optical network. This will enable the scalability of large quantum computing systems within a data center, and ultimately form the backbone of the future quantum internet. 

The team of QphoX

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QphoX is a spin-off of the department of Quantum Nanoscience at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of Delft University of Technology. Co-founder Simon Gröblacher is a professor for quantum physics at the Quantum Nanoscience department, and co-founder Robert Stockill is an alumnus of the same department.

Contact details
Please contact press@qphox.eu with any questions