Caroline Hallin


Caroline Hallin is a coastal engineer with a PhD degree from Lund University in Sweden. She is a post-doctoral researcher at TU Delft during 2019-2023. Caroline shares her time between part-time positions at TU Delft and Lund University. Her research interest primarily concerns the development of numerical models to simulate the morphological evolution of beaches and dunes. Caroline has previously worked as a consultant in river and coastal engineering at Sweco for four years.


Caroline Hallin is working in the DuneForce project with the overarching aim to develop a coupled model tool simulating the long-term evolution of the integrated shoreface, beach and dune system affected by human interference, including climate change. During her PhD, Caroline Hallin developed a cross-shore sediment transport model to simulate the decadal to centennial beach and dune evolution. The development of the CS-model is continuing in collaboration with Deltares.

(Key) Publications

*née Fredriksson

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Caroline Hallin


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